Working Together to Develop the Best Solutions


Sean McMahon

Seán McMahon is a highly experienced engineer with a proven track record of achievement during the course of a career to date of over 19 years.

Since graduating in 2000 from Dublin City University with a degree in Electronic Engineering, he has worked predominantly in the automotive and telecommunications sectors.  He founded MMC in 2015 and has delivered services to a variety of companies such as BorgWarner (Automotive), Digicel (IoT) and Mobimetrix (Automotive).  His goal is for MMC to become an industry leader in smart services to the automotive and IoT sectors.

Ian Fuchs

Since obtaining his Master in Arts from University College Dublin, Ian has enjoyed a comprehensive and international career in the education sector.  Ian returned to University College Dublin in 2016 to complete a Masters in Computer Science where he became fascinated with Artificial Intelligence.

He has developed far ranging machine learning solutions and is now working with MMC to develop new automotive AI routines that can offer increased optimizations and efficiency in both the connected car and self driving car sectors.